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Welcome to Harman Chahawala
Where Happiness Brews

In India, tea is not a beverage; it’s an emotion. At Harman Chahawala, we bring you closer to bliss and happiness with a cup of indulgent Chaha that soothes your mind, relaxes your body and delights your soul! Established in 2018, Harman Chahawala is a tea shop renowned for its exceptional taste, good hygiene, simple layouts and excellent features. Within a short period, customers relished the taste and became fans of the tea due to its irresistible flavour and superior qualitea. Once you get a taste of Harman Chahawala, you wouldn’t want any other tea to brighten your day!

Our Success Story
Taste of Prosperitea

The journey of Harman Chahawala began in late 1990’s. This journey starts with a kid, 7 years old, who lost his father. This is a journey of series of rejections, series of problems, dozens of obstacles, but also a journey of hard work, a journey of self-belief, a journey of a carver who carved his life and of others through his vision and confidence. This journey is of the founder of Harman Chahawala, “Mr. Haribhau Kulkarni”.

At the age of 7, Hari lost his father. Hari, his mother and a brother 2 years younger to him were left back on the streets of Sangli. His mother used to work at houses in neighbourhood to sustain her family. Hari saw his mother struggle hard to make her family survive. He thought of working and earning some money to help his mother. This is when Hari started his own tea stall near the Sangli district court, which served best tea in the area. The journey of Tea starts there. Later on, he lost the tea stall to the municipal corporation several times. Hari struggled hard to get his stall back, each time he lost it. This fierce attitude of his, caught attention of several members of council who helped him start a canteen inside the premises of court. This was the beginning and the Kulkarni brothers, Mr. Hari Kulkarni and Mr. Prakash Kulkarni, found fortune in the food business. They introduced the concept of a food truck to Sanglikars in the form of ‘Hari Ka Khana Khazana’ in Vishrambaug area. Haribhau worked relentlessly in the food industry and did many ventures from running a mess of 3000 students in a day boarding as well as a canteen at Bharati Medical College. ‘Hanuman’ – a restaurant serving hundreds of varieties of Dosas and an out of the box restaurant called ‘Sips & Snacks’ and later on the most loved hot tea brand – Harman Chahawala. Today, the whole Kulkarni family works day and night, to make Harman Chahawala reach new altitudes. The entire section of Tea and Masala blending is done by Hari's wife, Mrs. Vaishali Kulkarni. On the other hand, Hari's son, Mr. Siddharth Kulkarni takes care of other important duties of the company to make Harman Chahawala a successful name.

In India, tea is not just a drink. It’s a culture. It’s a gesture. It’s a reason why people meet and talk. Tea is blended seamlessly into Indian culture. Haribhau started an outlet that would serve hot and fresh tea with a unique taste named Harman Chahawala. The splendid taste was picked up so well that he had to open a chain of Harman Chahawala across the city. Later on, the brand reached in many parts of Maharashtra and then in other states too.

Harman Chahawala is a pleasant place to hang out and enjoy tea or coffee. Today, this taste is available in over 100 outlets across Maharashtra. It also has crossed the borders of the state and has made a mark in the states like Goa, Karnataka and Kerala.

The taste of hot Harman Tea is an outcome of the research done by Mr. Hari Kulkarni for several years. He has travelled to various parts of the country to understand the taste of the tea lovers. He developed his own masala blend after endless trials. No wonder, Harman Chahawala reserves a special position in the tea lovers’ hearts. All the outlets are managed in a very professional way. They have the uniform outlook. All the staff wears a specific dress code and is well trained. Cleanliness is the key here that makes the tea lovers visit often to these outlets. It is authenticated by the prestigious ISO 9001-22005 & DAC (Dubai Accreditation) certification for Harman’s working.

Harman Chahawala is a unique opportunity that is creating a new breed of entrepreneurs. At the same time, they are also generating huge employment wherever they go. It’s the best way to start your own profitable business with a moderate investment.

Quality Policy & Assurance

We have been offering the best quality tea to its customers and ensures all the safety norms. We are committed to keep on improving our working to provide you with the best possible products and services. Post Covid19 situations, all our staff members wear masks and hand gloves while working and observe a safe and healthy environment. All our outlets provide sanitization facilities. We have also started serving the tea in a disposable cup. All the branches are cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis.

Excellent business opportunity

Starting your own business at a very moderate capital is possible with Harman Chahawala. We offer a small franchise business model with a minimum investment. We offer all kind of training and raw material. We also support in advertising and publicity. In order to support the national policy of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, we encourage more and more people to start their own business and generate employment. You can also be an entrepreneur by being a franchise of Harman Chahawala at a very low investment and fulfil your dreams to become a successful businessman.